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Welcome to Nowene

Experience a piece of Nordic well-being

Arriving at Nowene you find yourself in the middle of authentic Finnish nature and a truly northern experience. A perfect moment to take a pause and say:


I’m in Nowene, finally. I want to hear about the four seasons of the North – about the Midnight Sun, the bright colours of the fall, about snow and ice and about the Aurora Borealis.

Ask a Nowenian to tell you all about that. They are your guides during your visit.  Don’t be surprised when they begin like that:


Welcome to Nowene. Here you will have a one-of-a-kind experience of Nordic wellbeing that includes pure nature, fresh air, clear water and peace of mind. Nowene is a combination of unique treatments, inspired by the Finnish sauna tradition, and the culinary pleasures of the North. We will experience it together, here and now.

Nowene sounds like an alien planet but lives off Finland’s pristine nature, water and fresh air. The area has a history rich in stories of healing people, making them feel better and helping to find peace of mind. For decades, the place has offered well-being and healing. Customers are satisfied with the warm and caring atmosphere:


When they leave, we want them to feel better – much better – than when they arrive.

Nowene is situated on top of a ridge that rises from a lake. Long ago woodsmen, hunters and fishermen used to come here. Would you like to experience a similar adventure? Like the woodsmen, you can hike in the forests and explore animal tracks and listen to their calls. See if the berries have ripened or wild mushrooms have sprung up after rain.

As you admire the tranquil surface of the lake, you may find it hard to believe that the lake is covered by ice in winter. In Finland, we have this custom of cutting a hole in the ice and swimming in an icy lake in winter. At the Nowene Spa, you too can feel the cold touch of the Arctic and balance it with the warm caress of a Finnish sauna. We care about the pure water around us. We protect our lakes and drink the cleanest water in the world. And we swim in our thousands of lakes, regardless of the season.

Are you brave enough to get acquainted with the cornerstones of traditional Finnish health and wellbeing? We invite you to the legendary smoke sauna and peat treatments. Additionally, you can feel the effects of an infrared sauna, salt room and water massage on your body. We are happy to show you Nowene’s secrets.

At Nowene, you will be accommodated in the cosy and beautiful Hotel Valo, decorated in the style of the 1950’s and overlooking a beautiful forest landscape.

We are confident that the Nordic Wellness Experience will give you a perfect night’s sleep – sometimes even under the Aurora Borealis.

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