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A smoke sauna brings cleansing and tranquillity

At Nowene, smoke sauna is a multisensory experience. The tranquillity of the smoke sauna and the coolness of the forest lake must be experienced.

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Having a session in a smoke sauna is the most traditional way to sauna in Nowene. The timber walls have many old stories to tell. The living fire in the sauna oven heats the large, stony heart of the sauna. The smoke flows through the stones and exits through special smoke holes in the ceiling and walls. After hours and hours of feeding the fire, the sauna is finally ready. The aroma and the gentle heat of a smoke sauna are legendary.

The tranquil atmosphere of a smoke sauna is an antithesis of the daily hustle and bustle of the modern life and it’s waiting for you.

I would like to experience the combined effect of the aroma, heat and tranquillity of the smoke sauna again. This was exactly my thing!


The face of a smoke sauna can be as sooty as that of a chimney sweep and its heart black as night, but it is still loved and cherished by all.

Long history

Saunas predate recorded history. In the past, saunas provided shelter to settlers and traders, forest saunas were used by hunters, fishermen and tar distillers and saunas were used for storing hay and accommodating temporary farm hands. The modest and outwardly simple little sauna cabin has always been close to the hearts of the Finnish people.

Sauna is a haven of tranquillity

Tranquillity has a healing effect. Once it was the highest teacher and a source of wisdom for the humanity. A significant number of relaxing experiences still come from the sauna. The sauna is a haven of tranquillity, a safe space that gives strength to go out and face your long-rejected problems.

Even in the midst of a busy lifestyle, all people carry a tranquil space in them. One can learn to draw strength from this tranquil inner world and Finnish people have learned to do so by going to sauna. Going back to simple thinking and listening to your inner voice is an experience that makes people genuine. Sauna is the Finnish equivalent to meditation.

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