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What is Nowene made of?

Light, water, fresh air and nature

As you arrive in Nowene, you land in the middle of genuine Finnish nature and a Nordic wellness experience. The uniqueness of Nowene consists of four elements which you have to experience first-hand in Heinola, in the heart of Päijät-Häme.


Are you familiar with the Nordic nightless nights, or have you seen the bright starry sky and multi-coloured Aurora Borealis? At Nowene the gorgeous colours of the nature symbolise positive feelings. We want the light to find a home in your heart and soul, too. Light guides the way for passers-by as well as those who stay longer at Nowene.


According to our folklore, water is the oldest medicine, and has a significant effect on well-being. Drinking lots of fresh water cleanses the body and makes the skin feel good.

Imagine a blue lake and the calming ripple of waves. It is easy to see why Finns have traditionally counted on water and aqua treatments to heal their bodies.

fresh air

Clean air is a great source of gratitude for us Nowenians. Finnish nature provides us with fresh oxygen and happiness in life.

I breathe fresh air and exist. I concentrate on myself for once and pause in this moment. Then I have something to give to others.


Nowene is like a fairy tale, but true.

Our gorgeous nature which changes with each season has something for everyone. The verdancy and blow of summer stay in your mind, as does winter’s white snowy beauty and dark autumn nights with candle lanterns. You can find traditional Finnish delicacies from our own forest, from wild flowers to berries and mushrooms. The paths in the forest close by offer small adventures.

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