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Healing treasure from a bog

Peat sauna and peat treatments at Nowene

Deep within the bogs hides a healthy treasure: decomposing peat. For centuries, Central European spas have used peat for treatments; the Finnish adaptation of peat treatment is peat sauna. Finland is the first country to use peat as part of a sauna experience and the treatment is now available at Nowene in Heinola.

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Peat and sauna belong together


Sauna and baths are considered as ideal places for peat treatments, because heat boosts the effect of peat. Peat treatment is a relaxing experience made up of several stages, which is why you need plenty of time to enjoy it.

Ample amounts of water should be consumed before, during, and after treatment. The peat sauna relaxes and alleviates pain, limbers the body and improves lymphatic circulation. Frequent sauna treatments make these positive effects last longer.

After a peat sauna, nearly everyone feels light and easy, swelling, if any, has reduced and your skin looks and feels clearer. At the end of the treatment clients relax in a special relaxation room.



Peat is a spectacular substance and the treatments alleviate almost every ailment. The feeling after treatment is so wonderfully relaxed!


Peat treatments also have cosmetic benefits

At Nowene, peat treatments are administered as baths and local treatments, for example as face and foot treatments. But peat treatment can also be administered without heat. Peat has beneficial humic acids and is extremely clean. The cosmetic benefits of the peat sauna are felt immediately: the skin becomes soft and clear and the peat sauna is even said to contributes to weight loss.

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