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Nowene is a company established by Kukkonen family.

Juha Kukkonen comes from Finnish countryside, from Northern Savonia. Jaana Kukkonen is born in Tavastland. Amongst their children Mikko, Roosa and Touko are working in the family business, at Nowene.

Nature values have always been important to Juha and Jaana. Their own living and lifestyle has always been close to nature. Their home is located in Päijänne Tavastia on an eskar and in a scenery that Ice Age has long time ago moulded. Juha’s and Jaana’s day begins in the morning by jogging in the forest, in the winter they use snowshoes instead. In the spring and in the autumn they fish by fishnets for the winter. They pick up plants, herbs, mushroom and berries from the forest in the summer. They aim is to pick up all the nature’s bountiful gifts, which will be enjoyed in many ways. According to Juha’s and Jaana’s opinion, different seasons are interesting and full of different experiences in nature.

Juha has enjoyed in nature since he was a child. He has realized his first fishing trips to wilderness to the remote lakes with his brother at the age of 12. Their first nights in tents, in the wilderness have been very memorable and impressive experiences. Nature experiences and camping have always been part of Kukkonen family’s life and doctrine for camping has been given also for the next generations.

Sauna has been, since childhood the common exprience for a good mood both in the family of Juha and in the family of Jaana. Tradition, pureness, smoke, whisking with birch whisks and sauna path. The beach sauna warms up every evening in the summer and sometimes even in the mornings too! Being in sauna prolongs sometimes until the nightless night in Finland.  

From this Juha’s and Jaana’s story upwells the brand of Nowene. It is part of Arctic way of life in Finland and a way to experience life by nature. Water, Air, Light and Nature are the basis for all well-being. We want to develop and share in the form of experience this fantastic dimension of Northern nature and make it to be safely experienced by travellers.


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