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Experience the Nowene Nordic Spa with its versatile treatments

Welcome to the spa town Heinola! Nowene, an experience centre of Nordic wellbeing, is situated in a park like area amidst idyllic woodlands on a lake front. Both tourists and locals are warmly welcome.

At Nowene, you can relax and get revitalized in the pools and experience the best of the Finnish sauna culture. Pamper your body and relax your mind with treatments that include, among others, peat treatment, salt room treatment and dry water massage.

With us, you can have a day break and experience wellbeing with all your senses.  At Nowene, you will find peace of mind in many ways. We recommend dipping in the magical forest lake or visiting the modern spa facilities with a pool. Float and rock on the waves or just focus on breathing, surrounded by water. Draw peace and energy from what you experience. Water relaxes and alleviates stress.

Also enjoy our Finnish specialty saunas to end a busy day out, or a long meeting. Our specialties include the infrared, smoke, mist and peat treatment saunas.

Relax in the spa and enjoy nature

Nowene Spa facilities overlook gorgeous landscapes. Experience a piece of authentic and pristine Finland in all four seasons.

You can combine energizing and versatile spa treatments with relaxing time in the pools. We offer, among other things, a peat sauna experience and peat treatments, a salt room, as well as the ultimate-cold-therapy treatments.

A traditional Finnish smoke sauna stands on the shore of Nowene Spa’s very own forest lake and has become world-famous. Why not experience a sauna session, because sauna means wellbeing and relaxation at its best.

Welcome to a wellness trip to Nowene in the spa town of Heinola in Päijät-Häme.


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