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The roots of the Nowene story go back to childhood

Experiences from early childhood can last through your life. It was early spring and we were walking with my father and brother on a Saturday night to a lake-front sauna, heated up for the first time after winter. The ground was damp and cold, the snow had just melted. Small floes of ice were still floating near the shore. Between the sauna sessions, we cooled off on the porch and listened to the mating ritual of the grouse on the floe.  We dipped our toes in ice-cold water on breaks from the steam room. A ghostly water vapor was rising from the surface of the ice. Nature was awakening.

The Finnish experience of the North includes the union of hot and cold that fills you with a sense of wellbeing. This and many other little stories and experiences have nurtured the idea of Nowene. At Nowene, these are the unique experiences from nature that we want to make available to our visitors. The Nordic way of life is fascinating, one may even call it mystical.

  • The existence of thousands of lakes is something unique, it is as if we lived in a wonderland.
  • We strongly believe that in the rapidly changing world, the northern areas will interest people even more.
  • This gives us many new livelihoods perspectives.

Nowene feelings

Arriving at Nowene you find yourself in the middle of authentic Finnish nature and a truly northern experience. A perfect moment to take a pause and say:

I’m in Nowene, finally. I want to hear about the four seasons of the North – about the Midnight Sun, the bright colours of the fall, about snow and ice and about the Aurora Borealis.

Ask a Nowenian to tell you all about that. They are your guides during your visit.  Don’t be surprised when they begin like that:

Welcome to Nowene. Here, you will have a one-of-a-kind experience of the Nordic kind of wellbeing that includes pure nature, fresh air and water and peace of mind. Nowene is a combination of unique treatments, inspired by the Finnish sauna-tradition, and the culinary pleasures of the North. We will experience it together, here and now.

Nowene sounds like an alien planet, but lives off Finland’s pristine nature, water and fresh air, which are the basic elements of Finnishness. The world-famous rheumatic hospital of Heinola, which operated in the area before, speaks of a desire to heal people and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Decades of healing and wellness, which the spa town of Heinola has been known for since the 1800s, are crystallized in Nowene. Even back then the first customers of Heinola spa were satisfied with the warm and caring atmosphere.

When they leave, we want them to feel better – much better – than when they arrive, Nowene’s owners and founders Juha and Jaana Kukkonen explain.

Nowene’s services are designed for a broad spectre of clients, but the main focus in developing the customer experience was on the experience-seekers and lovers of authenticity and business travellers arriving here, on the magical ground of the North, from abroad.

Light, pure water, clean air and pristine nature are becoming scarcer, the owners of Nowene explain the birth of the wellness centre.

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